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Custom Packaging Labels / Label Printing
FLEXTEC Corporation Colorado Springs Colorado



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Flextec is your Vitamin & Dietary Supplement partner.

Your healthcare labels deserve special attention and consideration. We follow strict FDA packaging guidelines and work directly with manufacturers to ensure your product labels are in full regulatory compliance.

Regardless of whether you require short or long runs with few or multiple SKU’s. Flextec can help you stop the consumer in their tracks with bright, eye catching and vibrant packaging. We offer a broad range of materials, custom inks and printing capabilities for all your premium labeling and packaging requirements.

After all, you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression!

Helpful Info & Links:

 U.S. Food and Drug Administration Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide

Nutraceutical Symbols and their Meanings
  • A vegetable logo or vegetation reflects health.
  • A sun represents hope or energy.
  • Berries denote that antioxidants are present.
  • People and animals show strength.
  • A heart shape reflects cardiovascular benefits.
  • Medical symbols such as the “plus sign” are symbolic of protection or the brain.
  • Nature scenes represent life and vitality.
Colors have a variety of Meanings
  • Red is vitality, love and passion.
  • Brown is for men.
  • Pink is for women.
  • Light blue denotes peace and comfort.

"FLEXTEC CORPORATION – Quality First Without Compromise – Providing VALUE through: Just in time
manufacturing – Zero, Reduced or exact inventory – Improved supply chain management – Accelerated time to market –
Reduction in lead times & over 150 years of combined experience manufacturing custom printed labels. Your First Choice
for custom label printing and custom packaging labels – Located in Colorado Springs Colorado."

Member, Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute

Label Printing Certified by GMI

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