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Custom Packaging Labels / Label Printing
FLEXTEC Corporation Colorado Springs Colorado


Animal Care Products

Label Yourself an Animal Lover!

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Flextec specializes in designing and manufacturing the finest quality labels for your animal and veterinary care products.

We deliver innovative and flexible options to put your products in the hands of your customers, while continually increasing your business productivity and sustaining your long term success.

FLEXTEC is Proud to Support

"FLEXTEC CORPORATION – Quality First Without Compromise – Providing VALUE through: Just in time
manufacturing – Zero, Reduced or exact inventory – Improved supply chain management – Accelerated time to market –
Reduction in lead times & over 150 years of combined experience manufacturing custom printed labels. Your First Choice
for custom label printing and custom packaging labels – Located in Colorado Springs Colorado."

Member, Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute

Label Printing Certified by GMI

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FLEXTEC Corporation
5075 Centennial Blvd.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919